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Start Again

Michonne sat cross legged on the wooden dock, the handle of the sword she cherished so much in one hand while she used a sharpening stone carefully on the gleaming blade. A couple of her dreads had fallen in her eyes and her gaze drifted up from the weapon, her dark eyes fixing on the scene unfolding a fair distance from where she was sitting. 

The blonde sat on the beach, her bare feet inching their way into the soft sand as she let out a hearty laugh, proceeding to smile at the small bundle of blankets in her arms. She smiled lovingly at the little girl she caressed lovingly to her chest, the young man sitting next to her laughing at something she whispered to him. The eldest Grimes child stared down at his sister, reaching over to grab a small stuffed animal that was sitting next to them and handing it to the outstretched arms of the baby. 




The rock slid against the metal of the sword, each new sound it caused getting louder and louder with every stroke. The stone tightened in Michonne’s grip and she only pushed harder, her shoulders clenching as she worked. The warrior watched as the grinning woman brought her arm around the young man before she affectionately ruffled the boy’s hair, causing his father’s sheriff’s hat to topple backwards into the sand. When she leaned down to kiss the infant on the forehead before handing the bundle back to her brother the dark skinned woman’s lips hardened as she felt her chest tighten at the sight.

She inwardly cursed at the familiar swimming in her gut. There was no denying it. She had tried to do that for the longest time now. For months

Her eyes flickered back to the people sitting on the beach as she continued to work. They had only been at the warehouse for a few weeks now, but the happiness that radiated from the group was unmistakable. it had only been months ago they defeated and had broken out of Woodbury’s painful shadow, that Rick had quickly expressed his concerns about their situation at the prison. They had been unable to grow much of anything in the land around the prison, and had quickly run out of towns they could scavenge without completely running out of gas to get there. Everyone had known it was time to move on. 

Michonne snorted slightly. They had actually listened and followed her lead to the coast where they had quickly found and put weeks of labour into fortifying the warehouse they now called home. The survivors had actually started to smile again. 

Another laugh from the woman sitting on the beach rang in her ears, causing her to snap forth from her reverie. She felt her chest clenching at the sound. 

Everyone but her. 

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